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Sound for Stress Release from Emotional Stuckness to Relaxation
Image by Magic Bowls

Sound for Self-Care

Sound to help with:

  • Calm Nervous System

  • Reducing Depression

  • Help with Sleep Issues

  • Adrenal Stress

  • Ease Chronic Pain

  • Easing blockages and Tension

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Calming the Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Release Stuck Energy and Emotions

  • Boosting Creativity

  • Brain Entrainment

  • Helps with Meditation

  • and more...


Sound Bath sessions for calming Stress and Anxiety and much more...

For a sound bath session, I may use metal singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, an ocean drum, chimes, and/or a gong based on the location.

I became a fan of a sound bath at a workshop I attended with a friend in 2017 that transformed me and had me wanting more. My spine and shoulders were feeling so tight to the point I had limited flexibility and constant pain prior. Along with my mind being bogged down with stress from the holidays and being the mother of a teenager at the time. During the workshop, I lay on my yoga mat in the corpse position in pain, and then it happens, the sound of the magical singing bowls. I had never heard such a sound that was so powerful, beautiful, and therapeutic at the same time. It was no more than 5 minutes while laying in the corpse position before I personally noticed and felt a release of pain from my spine and shoulders and my mind was relaxed and calm. Wow, I was a fan from then on and the feeling lasted for over a month. Over the years I have studied and practiced self-care and have incorporated sound healing to facilitating sound baths for groups.

Image by Manuel Cossio

Sound Bath Intro

Note: Click video for sound by clicking the music note icon on the lower right corner of the video.

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