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About Coach April
A little about my story...


As a Holistic Wellness Specialist for over 30 years using intuition and empath capabilities, April uses her holistic toolkit to customize each session based on a client’s chief concern. April enjoys working with clients who are ready to transform their life into healthy habits. Along with working on stuck emotional blockage embedded in the body/mind that may range from anxiety (Social Anxiety and Exam Anxiety), stress, insomnia, fears, brain fog, nervous energy, body syndromes, emotional dysregulation based on the nervous system, procrastination, and low self-esteem. As well as grief, loss, letting go of relationship emotional "past" baggage due to unhealthy patterns, smoking cessation to relaxation techniques. April's additional knowledge and experience were obtained from having a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work.

Helping individuals with behavioral modifications also aligns well with my experience in meditation, Yoga, guided imagery, conflict resolution, general self-improvement, self-care, healthy boundaries, and Psychoeducation, to name a few items in my holistic toolkit. While being nurturing, non-judgmental, professional, creative, and resourceful.

I look forward to speaking with you and hearing your story and seeing if my experience and modalities can help you find your happiness with yourself first, in life, and with others. Learning to love yourself again and see the world from a positive lens.



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