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April Saali

Is Grief Recovery for you?

People most often seek out the Grief Recovery Method Program after the death of a loved one. But people grieve because of all kinds of losses:

  • Death

  • Divorce – or the end of any important romantic relationship

  • Loss of health

  • Job loss – whether you’re fired, you left of your own accord, you were laid off, or even if you retired

  • Loss of faith

  • Pet loss – this is a big one, even though it’s so unrecognized in our society

  • Moving

  • Sexual assault and abuse

  • Difficult relationships with loved ones who are still alive

  • Any other loss

If you feel hurt inside, if you feel that your life isn’t as alive or enjoyable as it should be, if you feel like you keep dwelling on things from the past — you’re experiencing loss.

The good news is that there’s a way to move forward from this point and get to a place where you feel alive again. The Grief Recovery Method provides the steps to get you there, along with support and guidance at every step. The Grief Recovery Method, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide (including me), will teach you the right actions to take (Grief Recovery Method Institute, 2019).

About Grief and Loss Recovery
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