At first, I didn't think wellness coaching nor hypnotherapy could really do anything for me or make a difference. However, with April's toolkit of holistic methods, I felt like I was finally going in a positive direction in my life after facing the loss of loved ones. Thus, causing me to feel lost and confused. Talking with April during my sessions was something I looked forward to that helped transform and transition to a healthy way of thinking and lifestyle modifications with healthy eating and exercise.

Dwayne J. / California

After my Wellness Coaching session, I felt a huge weight lifted off of me. Past trauma and burdens were removed and my well-being felt restored, and a sense of control came over my life again.

Jessica S. / California

When I talk to April, I feel rapport and engagement that I haven't felt with other practitioners. I feel I am the focus and that April sincerely cares about my


Abe C. / California

I felt a feeling of relief and a heaviness removed from my shoulders when I was working with April to go back to face grief and losses in my life that were causing me to feel stuck in life. The feeling of emotional pain that was causing me to feel drained was removed. I now feel ready for the next chapter of my life with a confident and empowered well-being and outlook.

Jennifer R. / California